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NCCS - Cost-efficient monitoring

Norwegian CCS Research Centre – Task 12: Cost-efficient monitoring.

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  • NCCS aims to develop and demonstrate monitoring technology for pro-active and safe operation in compliance with regulations in the most cost-efficient manner

Status (all activities not started yet)

  • First work on partial saturation effects on seismic (presentation) and rock physics inversion (poster) presented at EAGE, Paris
  • SINTEF Petroleum chaired CO2 session at EAGE, Paris
  • See also presentation at EAGE/SEG CO2 monitoring workshop (August -17) and publication in Interpretation (November -17)

Images from: Romdhane et al., Alnes et al., Park et al., Eliasson et al., Nilsen et al., Yan et al.

Partners: NGI, BGS, QUAD Geometrics

Key Factors

Project duration

2016 - 2024

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