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INFRASTRUCTURE: Tiller Multiphase Flow Laboratory

SINTEF possesses internationally unique laboratory facilities for multiphase flow research that have had huge benefits for the Norwegian oil industry and for the Norwegian industry cluster based on multiphase flow technology.

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Research and development within this area is still very active and theses facilities will be needed in the foreseeable future. The importance of the area is described in the OG21 report 'TTA4 - Future technologies for production, processing and transportation' where research projects to advance 'fundamental knowledge on multiphase pipeline flow and flow assurance' is the top item on the recommended priority list for government funding.

The capabilities of the facilities were significantly enhanced through the 2014-2015 Infrastructure project 'National Research Infrastructure for Multiphase Flow '. This Infraestructure project aims at securing that the facilities are updated, operating and delivering high quality research. Specifically, we applied for funding of extraordinary maintenance and equipment replacements. This activity addresses in particular the Infrastructure programmes objective to provide updated and relevant research facilities, and in addition secure access for external user, provide exiting recruitment opportunities and maintain a high degree of international cooperation.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway

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2016 - 2023