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HydroCen is a research center for renewable energy.

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The main objective of HydroCen is to enable Norwegian hydropower sector to address complex challenges and opportunities in the future renewable energy system.

The research at the center seeks to safeguard the value of hydropower in the future renewable energy landscape.

Hydropower faces intricate challenges, including the need for new technology, profitability in synergy with solar and wind, and methods for improving theenvironmental status. These challenges are interwoven in complex ways, and it is the collaborative effort of different expertise working together on innovative solutions that makes HydroCen such a formidable center.

There are two primary competence areas in SINTEF Energy that play a crucial role:

  • We leverage many years of experience in power markets and decision support when modeling the characteristics of new technology and its potential contributions to the power system.
  • We build upon concepts and technology developed in the CEDREN research center to find effective solutions for enhancing the environment in rivers and water bodies without compromising the value of hydropower for owners and society.

Effective management of hydro resources will translate into significant benefits for the future of hydropower.

These are some of the HydroCen projects in which SINTEF Energy is involved:

Hydropower structures - WP1
Contact: Mauro Carolli

Results Hydropower structures

Turbine and generator - WP2 

Results Turbine and generator

Market and service - WP3
Contact: Birger Mo

Results Market and service

Environmental desig - WP4

Results Environmental design

HydroCen is a Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME). The FME scheme is established by the Norwegian Research Council.


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2016 - 2024

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