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ECCSEL (phase 2)

ECCSEL Svelvik CO2 Field Lab; ECCSEL National Imaging Lab.

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  • Prepare Svelvik for deeper injection tests by drilling and equipping at least two new monitoring wells
  • Buy industrial CT-scanner for imaging during flooding

Svelvik field lab area indicated in dark grey (300m x 150m).

Shallow injection (at 20m) of 1.7 tonne CO2 (in CO2FieldLab project 2011).


  • Tendering for industrial CT-scanner (to be in place late 2017)
  • Initial planning for Svelvik
  • Secured two monitoring projects at Svelvik (NCCS, Pre-ACT)

First Svelvik upgrade information meeting (directly after TCCS-9).

Key Factors

Project duration

2016 - 2019

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