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Cost benefit analysis of technical aids for persons with disabilities

SINTEF will conduct a knowledge review of economic evaluations of technical aids for people with disabilities. Moreover, we bill carry out a survey to describe the work of evaluations within the current aid system, both at the state and municipal levels, and propose how evaluation methods can be improved.

The review will provide an overview of mainly Norwegian and Nordic conducted cost-benefit analyses for:

  • Aids related to occupation and employment
  • Aids for extending independent living at home
  • Productivity enhancement aids

The Government wants to carry out a comprehensive review of policy concerning technical aid for disabled during the government period. White Paper 14 (2014-2015) on municipalities form then presented the government's proposal to give new tasks to larger and more robust municipalities. One of the proposals is to transfer more responsibility for aid dissemination to larger municipalities.

It's set down a government committee headed by Professor Arild Hervik at Møreforskning, who will review and assess aid policy during 2016. This committee has commissioned the SINTEF review.

Key Factors

Project duration

2016 - 2016