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BIA EyeGuide

We will develop a wireless, highly portable and low-cost ultrasound based guidance system for needle insertion procedures.

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BIA EyeGuide
Ill.: EyeLife AS

The system will be based on the wireless ultrasound technology from EyeLife AS. Department of Medical technology at SINTEF has extensive experience in image guidance and ultrasound imaging, and contributes as a research partner. The final system will include a wireless ultrasound probe and corresponding prototype software modules that can run on mobile devices. The software modules will be developed for relevant needle guidance procedures in anaesthesiology for pain relief (nerve blocks) and vascular access. The developed methods have the potential to be used in a wide variety of clinical procedures for emergency medicine, pain management, and biopsy acquisition. Clinical testing will be performed at St. Olav University Hospital in Trondheim, Norway. The project is funded by The Research Council of Norway through the program "User-driven Research based Innovation".

Ill.: EyeLife AS

Key Factors

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2016 - 2020



BIA - The Research Council of Norway


EyeLife AS

Ill.: EyeLife AS