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ZAS - Zinc Air Secondary innovative nanotech-based batteries for efficient energy storage

The main objectives for the ZAS project are to improve the performance and lifetime of zinc-air batteries as well as reducing their cost.

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In the ZAS project we will develop a rechargeable zinc-air battery system for efficient and cost-effective stationary energy storage.

Establishing Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is a priority measure, for both the reduction of energetic dependence and for environmental protection and sustainable development. However, exceeding a share of 20 % renewable energy production is difficult without a solution for energy storage. Energy storage is necessary in order to ensure continuity in the energy supply. The potential for stationary energy storage to transform the electric power industry is driving the development of many emerging storage technologies, including metal-air batteries, regenerative fuel cells, liquid-metal systems, and adiabatic compressed-air energy storage. These new systems should be safe and economically competitive in comparison to conventional energy systems. In addition, the optimal energy storage system will vary according to the different energy sources and geographical locations.

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Project duration

2015 - 2018

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