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Self Management in the Treatment of Obesity - The Patient as an Active Participant

Overweight and obesity is a growing problem in Norway and in the rest of the world, and the expenses for the community related to obesity are big. Specialists feel that obesity patients often have little insight into their illness and health, and believes that one can achieve better efficacy of treatment if patients have more knowledge. Furthermore, self-management is very important in the treatment of obesity, and health professionals and managers at St. Olav's Hospital are finding that there is potential to support even better up self-efficacy in the treatment regimen. This can lead to that more people achieve good effect of treatment with long-lasting changes of living habits, which can reduce the need for services.

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Main goal: To contribute so that the obesity patient may be able to better help themselves with the support of health services
Figure text: Main goal: To contribute so that the obesity patients may be able to better help themselves with the support of the health services

Method - service design
In this pilot project, we want to base the services that obesity patients meet; from being caught by the system, until they are back home again and in charge of their own health situation and changing lifestyles. The main focus of the pilot project is what the occupational health service offers obesity patients, but GPs will be included through needs assessment and developing ideas, to ensure comprehensive solutions for both patient and healthcare professionals.

The solution - a service that helps patients to help themselves
The aim of the project is to further develop the existing services so that the patient is better able to cope with their situation, from the need for help arises, through a treatment program at the specialist health services, and in the aftermath of this. Solutions may include physical products as information materials, new ways to interact with the health service in advance, during or after processing, or change in the organisation. The solutions will help strengthen the patients so that more master their health situation and their changing lifestyles.

The aim of the pilot project
The main objective of the project is to contribute to the obesity patients so they will better be able to help themselves with the assistance of health services.

We work in an interdisciplinary team. In addition to Nina Vanvik Hansen, the Project Manager who are the drivers in the project are industrial designers from SINTEF:


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St. Olavs Hospital v/Fedmepoliklinikken og Regionalt senter for fedmeforskning og innovasjon

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Overlege og medisinsk ansvarlig Bård Kulseng og hans team ved St. Olavs Hospital


The Norwegian Directorate of Health and Innovation Norway
This is a InnoMed  project