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Nykos – New knowledge on Sea Disposal

The objectives of the project are to increase knowledge of the environmental effects of submarine deposition of fine grained tailings from the mineral industry and enable development of new sound environmental criteria and monitoring technologies that prepare for a sustainable mineral industry in Norway.

The project is organised in 6 closely related work packages. The work packages are in addition to administration, engaged on finding solutions for ecosystem friendly mining. The WPs are working together and using results from the different work packages (WPs) to further the knowledge base generated in other WPs.

The employment and training of 2 Post. Doc. working on tailings modification (WP2) and on modelling of deposits (WP5)Collaboration between NIVA, NTNU, SINTEF, NGU and UIT which comprise the most important institutions working with STPs in Norway at present.Collaboration and knowledge exchange between national and foreign Universities and Institutes working on the environmental problems associated with STPs.

KPN NYKOS is a competence building project with The Research Council  of Norway's (RCN) BIA-Programme and the mineral industry in Norway.

Project budget: 28 MNOK over 5 years included 5.6 MNOK contribution from participating companies

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Key Factors

Project duration

01/02/2015 - 01/02/2019