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Joint European research project on submarines (SUBMOTION)

SINTEF has been working for the past several years in research on the manoeuvring characteristics of submarines.

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The work aims to gain insight into how submarines behave in both deep water and in the proximity of the surface.

Model tests are integral to the research program, and include studies of different aftshapes and rudder configurations, along with advanced planar motion mechanism tests of the submarine. Alongside, and complimenting, these advanced model tests SINTEF pursues a detailed program of computational fluid dynamics.

Through the combination of experimental and numerical techniques, insight is gained into the behaviour of submarines manoeuvring in the vicinity of boundaries, leading to enriched simulation techniques. These enhanced simulation tools augment existing knowledge on how effectively and stably submarines can manoeuvre while at snorkel depth, offering improved confidence and awareness of hydrodynamic effects during various submarine operations.

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