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Evaluation of Occupational Health Services

The aim of the project is to investigate how the company health services serves as an instrument to assist businesses and governments in preventive work environment.

Occupational Health Services in Norway is in change (approval, good occupational health services, increased number of industries with requirements associated with occupational health, and there is a trend of fewer and larger players). The project will, amongst other, consider how these changes have affected the quality and expertise within occupational health, and how businesses with occupational health services use it. An important starting point for the project is that it is the companies themselves which are responsible for using the occupational health services. 

The project are based on the following data sources:

  1. Exploratory interviews with selected individuals in the occupational health services and other businesses.
  2. Survey among businesses.
  3. Survey among occupational health services.
  4. Expert Interview with selected professionals in The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and The National Institute of Occupational Health.

The project will have an applied character, and we will come up with concrete proposals on how the use of occupational health can be further improved, to strengthen the enterprises' preventive work environment.

Key Factors

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Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs