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Delousing with hydrogen peroxide and environmental factors

Treatments with hydrogen peroxide in closed systems has due to an increasing resistance in sea louse to other medical delousing methods become a common alternative.

During such delousing operations there have been cases with increased mortality; and environmental factors, like microalgae and jellyfish, has been suggested as a possible cause. However, there is a lack of knowledge on how environmental factors may contribute to the outcome of a delousing with hydrogen peroxide, and wherever environmental conditions may explain the observed cases with unexplained mortality.

In this project we will gather information from previous delousing operations and compare these experiences with environmental factors, as well as information on fish health and operational information at selected fish farms. The project will contribute to an increased knowledge on environmental conditions as stress factors during delousing with hydrogen peroxide, and will also consider if there are any risk reducing measures that can be implemented.

Partners: Akzo Nobel, AQS AS, Aquakompetanse AS, Aqua-Pharma AS, Havbrukstjenesten AS, HaVet AS, Lerøy Midt, Mattilsynet, Marine Harvest Norway, NovaSea
Funding: FHF

Key Factors

Project duration

16/09/2015 - 15/02/2016