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Collaboration for better mastery of mental disorders in young adults

Trondheim municipality, Unit for mental health and substance abuse, and Nidaros DPS at St. Olav's Hospital, will create better services for young people with minor mental disorders - a growing group of patients.

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The pre-study shows that interaction within and between treatment levels, with the patient and coping venues as work, school and NAV, are overriding challenges to ensure both medical and operational benefits, and great user experiences for both patients and clinicians. Both project owners find that it is challenging to achieve good interaction with current technology and organisation, and that new solutions have to meet current and future needs. The aim is to achieve better treatment across treatment levels, so we can treat more patients without increasing resource use.

Mental disorders occur earlier in life than somatic disorders, and the consequences of not being able to meet this patient group's needs early in the disease is that many of them drop out of school and work. Mental illness causes more lost working years by disability than any other disease groups because the disability pension for this group is granted the average nine years younger age than disability pension for somatic diseases.

In this project we will conduct a thorough needs assessment where stakeholders from St. Olav's Hospital, Trondheim, Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), university/college and work, in addition to patients, will contribute through interviews and workshops to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges. Needs assessments will give the foundation for the development of concepts that can be continued in one or more development processes. In this project, we assume that future service innovation requires new applications of enabling technology and organisational development. The project will be conducted by an interdisciplinary project group consisting of the company's managers, health professionals, designers, innovation consultants and researchers.

We work in an interdisciplinary team.

Researcher , designers  and  from SINTEF are running the project.

Key Factors

Project duration

22/10/2015 - 01/04/2016



Project Owner
St. Olav's Hospital (Div. of Mental Health Care) represented by Elin Ulleberg, Dept. Manager, Nidaros DPS, and
Trondheim municipality represented by Stig Antonsen, Manager for Unit for mental health and substance abuse (Enhet for psykisk helse og rus).


The Norwegian Directorate of Health and The Central Norway Regional Health Authority.
This is an Innomed project