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CARBOMAG – Structure of the HyF-Lex projectMagnetic separation of CO2 through sorption on magnetic hybrid nanoparticles

Imagine that one could capture CO2 using a smart magnet - The CARBOMAG project is based on a novel concept for CO2 capture combining nanotechnology with magnetic separation in a multidisciplinary approach. The new development is expected to result in more than 50% cost reduction compared to today's CO2 capture processes.

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The concept is based on a standard process for post-combustion CO2 capture using absorption and amine solvents. The main difference is related to the regeneration part of the process. The separation of CO2 from flue gas is first provided through sorption on functionalized magnetic nanoparticles dispersed in water in a regular absorber. The CO2-rich nanoparticles are thereafter separated from the bulk solution outside the absorber by means of a magnetic field and then subsequently regenerated, in which CO2 is released. The cleaned particles are finally re-mixed with bulk liquid and recycled into the absorber. The main focus in the project will be to 1) develop nanoparticles that can bind CO2 satisfactorily and have magnetic properties to enable magnetic separation of the particles from the liquid and 2) to develop a total process including magnetic separation of these nanoparticles.

It is expected that the project will result in the following improvements relative to the presently used amine process:

  • The amount of solvent to be regenerated is much smaller implying:
    • A reduction of the heat requirement
    • Use of smaller units in the regeneration part and thus a decrease of the capital cost
  • Many of the conventional amine based solvent systems are volatile and may create emission of harmful chemicals.Since the nanoparticles cannot vaporize, lower atmospheric emission from the process is expected, and money is saved as no countermeasures against emissions are required.

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Project duration

01/06/2015 - 30/06/2016