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Evaluation of "Acute project" in Kristiansand - a testing of common, inter-agency emergency service for children and youth

Kristiansand municipality, Child Welfare Service and Sørlandet Hospital, the Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, and Children, Youth and Family Affairs collaborating on a project where they are trying out one organisation through a joint inter-agency emergency service for children and youth.

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The "Acute project" started up in 2013 and will last for three years. The project will help to secure and further develop cooperation between the different services. An important background is that the distance between the auxiliary bodies are too large.

SINTEF will examine the extent to which the "Acute project" achieves its objectives; a coordinated and needs-based services to children / youth and their families in emergency situations, reducing the need for emergency placements / hospitalisation, coordinated follow-up after the acute phase, as well as good cooperation between project parties and other key ancillary services.

The evaluation process and outcome oriented, and consists of three sub-studies:

  • a qualitative user study involving interviews with children / young people and parents / guardians
  • a qualitative study of organisation and cooperation, with interviews of employees and management in project units and key collaborative services
  • documentation of "Acute Project" activities and resource use during the period as well as assessment of effects in terms of referrals and admissions to mental health care, based on BUP data.

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