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Establishment of fisheries technology from biological valuable production of fish products made from recycled materials

The aim of this project is to transfer knowledge and experience accrued by Norwegian researchers and industry and adapt them to Lithuanian fisheries sector.

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Representatives from both Lithuanian industry and research sectors were visiting Norwegian research institute and fisheries processing industry in order to learn and absorb Norwegian experience on utilisation of rest raw material from fisheries. Visits to SINTEF, Nutrimar and Salmar were included into working program of the project. Technological and quality tests based on Lithuanian fish rest raw materials we also performed as a part of the project activities. As a result of the project Kaunas College of Technology is be equipped with mobile experimental units for secondary processing of rest raw materials of fish, which will be available for both research and industrial tests. The outcomes of the projects were presented during the conference "Innovative solutions for processing of secondary raw materials of fish" at Kaunas College of Technology in June 2014.

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Project duration

01/01/2014 - 01/08/2014