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Cargo Ferry (GodsFergen) – a new sea transport concept

The Cargo Ferry research project is supported by MAROFF and aims to develop an integrated concept for goods transport along the Norwegian coast and between Norway and its nearest neighbouring country.

Illustration GodsFergen

The MAROFF innovation programme supports research and knowledge generation that can contribute to innovation and environmentally friendly value adding in the Norwegian maritime sector.

The aim of the Cargo Ferry project is to provide transport users with a better range of transport and logistics services through the development of new vessel concepts, new methods of loading and discharging, new traffic patterns and new IT solutions. Vessels will be optimized for designated patterns of traffic and for a high degree of automated cargo handling. By offering high regularity and a simple interface with land transportation, the concept will remove many of the barriers that have traditionally prevented goods from being transferred from the road system to the sea, particularly on shorter routes of less than 500 kilometres. Besides offering a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to road transport, the Cargo Ferry will also reduce the socie-economic costs related to infrastructure (maintenance and expansion of the roads network).

SINTEF's role in the project is mainly in logistics analyses and the design of the vessel concept, including hull design and propulsion, energy efficient machinery, cargo handling equipment. In addition technology partners (RRM, Fjellstrand, TTS, Seaway Innovation and Green Door Logistics), Norwegian ports, shippers and freight shippers, Norlines, DNV GL and SPCN are participating.

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