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Artificial reefs to ensure biodiversity

Artificial reefs are manmade constructions that are deployed on the seabed and form the basis for the establishment of a new ecosystem.

Krikehamn, Flekkefjord

There is an increasing interest in using coastal areas not only for recreational purposes or commercial fisheries, but also as a source for industrial production of food (aquaculture) or energy (e.g. wave- or windpower).

For example, the establishment of wind farms may impact benthic communities in close proximity to the generators. It will also lead to restrictions with respect to traffic and the use of fishing gear.

Deployment of artificial reefs in connection with wind farms is undertaken as a mitigation measure to reduce the impact of wind farms on benthic communities and commercial fisheries.

This project will evaluate the technical and biological performance of a new artificial reef concept, developed by PE Reefs. SINTEF Fiskeri og havbruk will contribute biological competence and study whether the deployment of the prototype will increase local biodiversity and be a suitable mitigation measure.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2014 - 31/12/2014

Project owner

Thomas Netland, PE Reefs AS


Regional Research fund Agder