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ProaSense: Proactive Sensing Enterprise

Do you want to take your business to the next level? ProaSense enables you to use and connect data you have never connected before.

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Today's enterprises are facing increasing pressure due to globalization, uncertainties, and strict regulations, among others. This demands for a new class of enterprise systems, proactive enterprises, that will be continuously aware of that what "might happen" in the relevant business context and optimize their behavior to achieve that what "should be the best action". ProaSense is an EU project aiming at the core goal to pave the way for an efficient transmission from Sensing into Proactive enterprises.

  • Exploiting the power of big enterprise data, by sensing the whole business ecosystem: Shifting relevant business context from internal processes to the ecosystem.
  • Extracting the actionable meaning from data, by applying advanced big data analytics: Shifting the processing capabilities from real-time into ahead-of-time processing.
  • Increasing the strategic value of data analysis for the decision making, by dynamically adapting patterns of interest to be found in the real-time big data streams: Shifting decision making focus from early warnings into business optimization.
  • Key words: Proactive Enterprise Systems, Situational Awareness, Big Data, Scalable Storage, Smart Sensing Services, Proactive Manufacturing, Proactive monitoring.

ProaSense adopted the OODA cycle, Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. SINTEF contributes in the ProaSense project with forming the two use cases in both MHWirth and HELLA. SINTEF also is responsible for the storage layer in the Observe layer, which means that SINTEF enables the project to analyse and store all of the data that is available in real-time. Furthermore, is SINTEF the project coordinator of the project.

Two videos about the two companies:

Animation of the concept:

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Project duration

01/11/2013 - 31/10/2016

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