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Guidelines on Health-Related Rehabilitation

The Guidelines on health-related rehabilitation intends to support the implementation of the rehabilitation aspects of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN 2006). They will provide guidance to governments and other relevant actors on how to develop, expand and improve the quality of rehabilitation services in less resourced settings in line with the recommendations in the World report on disability (WHO/World Bank 2011), notably the integration and decentralization of rehabilitation services within the health system.

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Guidelines on Health-Related Rehabilitation
Guidelines on Health-Related Rehabilitation

WHO initiated this program in 2013. Reports from sub-projects are expected in 2014.

SINTEF Health Research is partner in three of the sub-projects under this program:

  • Work Package 2
    Leadership & Governance, addressing the inclusion of people with disabilities in decision-making regarding the  development, implementation and monitoring/evaluation of policies and plans.
    WP Leader Centre for Global Health, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Work Package 3
    Rehabilitation services, addressing evidence in rehabilitation.   
    WP Leader University of Washington
  • Work Package 4
    Rehabilitation Workforce, addressing competencies needed to deliver and manage quality rehabilitation services.
    WP Leader Centre for Global Health, Trinity College Dublin
  • Work Package 5
    Assistive Technology, addressing what evidence is available in the area of design, production/procurement, and supply/distribution.     
    WP Leader University of Washington        

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Project duration

01/11/2013 - 31/12/2014


WHO Rehabilitation Guidelines