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eFairway - Electronic fairway 2020

eFairway's idea is to establish technological solutions for an interactive fairway as an integral part of the eNav concept developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This involves the development, adaption and integration of technology, systems and services for electronic marking, information retrieval and data distribution in fairways.

The project will develop technical solutions for distribution of electronic data in fairways  compatible with existing infrastructure for bridge systems and traffic control centers. The information will be distributed in real-time. The information can include fairway routing, hazards, weather conditions and other traffic and operations in the fairway.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway and project participants Kongsberg Seatex, Fugro Oceanor and SEMEKOR. The project owner is Kongsberg Seatex. SINTEF Fisheries and aquaculture is the project manager and is also responsible for R & D part of the project. The Norwegian Coastal Administration participates in the project as partner.

The project's main objective is to develop and demonstrate technologies and systems for electronic markup and the collection and distribution of information in fairways.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2013 - 31/12/2015