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BEPPo - Blue Energy Production in Ports

The BEPPo project has been focusing on marine renewable energy (wave, tidal and offshore wind), building on the innovative capacity of ports to become a basis for the production of integrated sustainable renewables. In this way the project has been promoting local business opportunities and accelerating economic growth in port regions.

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The role of SINTEF Energy Research in this project has been to participate in project meetings and workshops throughout the project and contribute to a case study dealing with relevant renewable marine energy projects. In the study of relevant projects, mainly demonstration projects are explored from the ports facilities and operation point of view.

SINTEF Energy Research also took part in organising a marine renewable energy conference and B2B meeting in Oslo 21 October 2014. 

The results of this study were published in the report The capitalisation potential for ports during the development of marine renewable energy.

Marine energy is one of the largest areas of untapped energy. With its long cost line the North Sea region makes a perfect area to drive forward development and applications of new renewables technologies. Many ports facing the North Sea region have spare capacity and vacant quays and are often in proximity of renewable power development zones. Hence, they are potentially ideal location for clustering of renewable energy industries. However, energy production is not the main business activity of port authorities and ports often lack staff to focus strongly on environmental issues. How can port authorities best position themselves to become a key part of the marine energy renewable supply chain, and maximise the benefits of marine renewable developments?
Project objectives
The BEPPo project addressed topics regarding research, ports regional clusters, and industry and policy.

The project focus has been:

  • Capitalize on advanced research to foster the introduction exploitation of innovative marine energy technologies/environments.
  • Build on the innovation capacity of ports to become renewable energy platforms.
  • Stimulate the demand for and uptake of marine energy by establishing & strengthening marine energy networks and facilitating business development.

Key Factors

Project duration

2013 - 2015

This project was part financed by EU through the European Regional Development Fund and the North Sea region Programme 2007-2013.

Internal financing:


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