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KinLib - The Kinetic Library

Modelling of hydrocarbon generation as a function of thermal history relies on the knowledge of the reaction network and kinetic parameters involved. We obtain kinetic models of hydrocarbon generation and cracking for individual compositional ranges for use in basin modelling programs. The kinetic models are generated for four compound classes. i.e. C1 (methane, dry gas), C2 to C5 (wet gas), C6 to C14 (light oil) and C15 to C35 (heavy oil) using the tool Kinetics05®. For various source rocks from the Norwegian shelf these data are then compiled in KinLib data sheets. However, multi-component kinetics can also be generated on a proprietary basis.

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We use the closed-system MSSV (Micro-Scale Sealed Vessel) pyrolysis technique described by Horsfield et al. (1989), often in combination with open-system pyrolysis. Heating rates can vary between 0.24 K/hour (40 days duration) and 5 K/minute. This large difference allows a good extrapolation of the models into geological times.

The Kinetic Library (KinLib) is a collection of data sheets containing non-proprietary kinetic models for major source rocks from the northern North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea.(Flyer)


  • Draupne Fm. (3)
  • Spekk Fm. (6)
  • Åre Fm. coals (4)
  • Steinkobbe Fm. (1)
  • Hekkingen Fm. (1)

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01/01/2012 - 01/01/2014


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