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Handbook for pelagic fish

The electronic quality manual for pelagic fish was designed in the project "Pelagic quality - from ocean to plate," which was a larger collaborative project ended in 2006 with participants from across the pelagic chain. The handbook is now revised.

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In the electronic quality manual, the quality of pelagic fish is defined. The manual is intended as a means of helping the entire pelagic industry in Norway to ensure a unified quality assessment of raw material at every stage (capture, receipt, transportation, marketing).

The quality handbook includes spawning herring and mackerel. During each chapter you will find relevant quality parameters and other information. The images and text used are compiled through the projects' Pelagic quality - from ocean to plate "and FHF project" Individual-based quality grading and quality marking of pelagic fish "unless otherwise specified.

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02/01/2012 - 09/04/2012

Handbook for pelagic fish v.2 (norwegian only)