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Evaluation of the Restructuring Process in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority

We will evaluate the restructuring process which began when the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority was established. The aim is to use the knowledge established through this evaluation as a source of learning and improvement in the health region.

The project is divided into nine work packages;

  • The first work package describes what happened and the basis for the decisions taken.
    • Other work packages are dealing with:
      • impact on patient care and economy
      • how the objectives of the restructuring is communicated throughout the organisation
      • how the goals and the results achieved differ from, or consist with, other regions and countries

SINTEF will study the similarities and differences in how the transition is handled in Vestre Viken HF, Oslo University Hospital and Ahus. We will develop a partnership with the region's own research institute for health services research, and plans shall be prepared for how the knowledge will be gained from the project and disseminated in the South-Eastern's organisation.

Project no.: 102001068

Key Factors

Project duration

01/09/2012 - 01/10/2015