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Evaluation of Active Board and a Saddle Seat on Active Board - A Survey

The aim of the project was to conduct an evaluation of the Active board and a saddle seat on Active board and saddle seat on a star base in relation to self-reported health and convenience.

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Evaluation of Active Board and a Saddle Seat on Active Board - A Survey
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100-150 persons will be included in the trial / evaluation. People in offices, stores and schools are appropriate participants. After a three months period there will be conducted a survey that includes questions related to general health and product evaluation.

Balans AS and Purplast AS have developed a basic concept for improved ergonomics for standing and seated workplaces (offices and schools), and as a training instrument for the elderly. The concept is based on a curved plate. The user can stand directly on the plate, or sit on a seat mounted on the plate. When using these products movements in the hip region compensate for movements of the upper body and arms and the user upholds balance. This activation of the body is believed to have health benefits.

95 people were given one or more of the products. A self-managing anonymous electronic questionnaire was sent to the same people for a trial period of 17 weeks average, where 82 people responded.

More than half of those who had tried active board and boards with saddle seat believed that the use of the product/products had improved muscular and skeletal problems they had. In terms of usability, the majority (64-95 %) strongly agreed or agreed that the products are easy to position on the floor, easy to operate, convenient to use, and fits well in the workplace. About half did completely agree/agree that they prefer Active board and board with saddle seat rather than standing or use the usual chair. Additional comments from the survey shows that most were satisfied with the products.

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27/06/2012 - 31/12/2013