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Development of ROV as a tool for automated simultaneous net operations in aquaculture cages

Within the offshore industry ROV has replaced most  underwater operations. ROV technology is increasingly used within aquaculture, for operations such as mooring inspection, cleaning and inspection of nets. The technology has not been further developed and tailored for the typical farming operations and there is thus great potential for improvement.

Project owner Argus Remote Systems is a leading offshore ROV supplier, that for the recent years also has provided such vessels to the aquaculture sector. The company wants to invest in this market by, among other things, specialize ROV-based products.

The project's most important innovations

  • Development of new ROV-based technology to automate underwater operations in a challenging and highly dynamic environment
  • Reduce risk of escapes through effective and safe inspection and repair of nets
  • Reduce the need for divers
  • Reduce costs by combining multiple operations
  • Contribute to safe operations and improved regularity for exposed locations

Main objectives

The project will develop knowledge, technology and demonstrators for the automation of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) as a tool for use in net operations for cage-based fish farms, including cleaning, inspection and repair of nets.

The project will focus on the development of intelligent and specialized ROV solutions to perform simultaneous net operations that contribute to reduced costs, improved efficiency, improved quality of operations, reduced use of divers and reduced escape.

The project's main objectives:

  • Develop sensor and control systems for automatic traversal and damage detection in nets
  • Develop ROV-based tools for repair of nets and optimization of net cleaning
  • Develop overall system for automated simultaneous net operations.

SINTEF is will mainly work on issues related to navigation, motion control, and damage detection. In addition, SINTEF leads the project managment.

Key Factors

Project duration

15/01/2012 - 15/01/2015