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Development of multirig semi-pelagic trawl system

The main objective is to reduce NOx and other emissions into the environment by increasing energy efficiency in demanding marine operations in the Arctic. The project suggests the development of a semi-pelagic multi trawling-technology for sustainable utilization of deep-water shrimp and white fish.

This will be achieved by:

  • Develop a multirig semi-pelagic trawl system (single, double and triple trawls) where the trawl doors, lumps and sweeping lines do not have physical contact with the seabed.
  • Develop a security concept based on state-of-the-art sensor technology for trawling.
  • Develop control concepts for trawl gear, mainly based on the winch control and control of the maneuvering of the vessel based on Rolls Royce's eTrawling concept.
  •  Investigate alternative solutions for herding animals into the trawl path in white fish trawling
  • Quantification of bycatch reduction in shrimp trawling by fishing with a semi-pelagic trawl.
  • Identify and eliminate safety risks (HSE).

The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, FHF, Rolls Royce Marine AS and AS Mørenot, and implemented in cooperation with NTNU, University of Tromsø, Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Massachusetts.

Key Factors

Project duration

02/01/2012 - 31/12/2014