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CastAl – Energy Efficient Aluminium Cast House

The CastAl innovation project aimed to decrease energy consumption in aluminium casthouses, both primary and remelters and reduce aluminium loss in production.

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The industry strives to improve methods and introduce new technology in order to reduce energy consumption. The latest techniques have been introduced to measure energy losses, monitoring and control of melting furnace operation and to lower dross formation.

Hydro and Gränges cooperated with SINTEF to lower energy consumption and metal loss in the cast house by:

  • Determine the heat losses/energy usage
  • Established parameters and conditions for pure metal and scrap melting for different atmospheres.
  • Improved operation and control based on new measuring and monitoring equipment
  • Methods for determining metal content in dross
  • Implement best practice for furnaces

A result was improved yields and reduced energy consumption. This will reduce cost, improve the economy, reduce emissions and the burden on the environment.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/03/2012 - 27/02/2015