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Added value from high protein and oil industrial co-streams (APROPOS)

The focus of APROPOS is to develop novel eco-efficient bio-mechanical processing solutions to enrich intermediate fractions from industrial high protein and oil-containing process residues originating from agriculture and fisheries.

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Modification steps are developed for the intermediate fractions from the selected co-streams to obtain value-added nutritive and bio-active components to be exploited in food, skin care, wound healing, bio-pesticide and soil improvement applications.An emphasis is directed to East Africa and India to support their needs to process local co-streams to components directed to nourish infants and fight against pests, respectively.The success of technological developments will be assessed in terms of economical feasibility, raw material efficiency and environmental impacts.The multidisciplinary research group and cross-industrial SME group together cover the whole value chain from co-stream producers and processors to end-users.


  •   8 reserach institutes and universities
  •   9 SMEs
  •   From 4 EU member countries (Finland, Germany,   Spain, Lithuania)
  •   From ICPC’s Kenya, India and Uganda
  •   From Norway and Canada

R&D partners

  •  VTT
  • UPC
  • IGV
  • UoN
  • TERI
  • ASU

SME partners

  • Nutrimar
  • Sybimar
  • Virgino
  • Lasting Solutions
  • Mecpro
  • True Cosmetics
  • Korena
  • Ecofoster



Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014