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The effects of magmatic sill intrusions on the petroleum system in the Vøring margin (VøMag)

The Vøring Margin is an old volcanic margin with numerous volcanic extrusions and intrusions. Most of the intrusions are dykes and sills. Both affect the thermal history of the associated areas and, in particular, the maturity of the hydrocarbons.

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Project main tasks

  1. Thermal effects of sills (especially of sill clusters)
  2. Sills (and dykes) as seals for reservoirs
  3. Sill (and dyke) contribution to the formation of fractured reservoirs
  4. Diagenetic alteration of the sediments -quartz cementation and smectite illitization
  5. Pore pressure and fluid flow related to heating of the pore fluids, as well as degassing, will be studied
  6. Modelling of hydrocarbon migration through hydrothermal vents
Map showing the Vøring area with three
profiles modelled in the Vøtec Project.



The partners in this project are Tectonor (host), SINTEF and Royal Holloway, University of London.


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Project duration

01/01/2011 - 31/12/2013

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