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USIGT: Norwegian national advisory unit for ultrasound and image-guided therapy

Norwegian national advisory unit for Ultrasound and image-guided therapy (USIGT) has expertise in ultrasound and image-guided treatment. This includes ultrasound in neurosurgery, ultrasound in laparoscopy, ultrasound in endovascular treatment of eg. aneurysms, and ultrasound in use during bronchoscopy, as well as image-guided interventions in general. USIGT also has built up extensive competence in the field of applied artificial intelligence for analysis of medical images (ultrasound, MR, CT) and navigation technology (position sensors and multimodal visualization) used during patient care.

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Virtuell bronkoskopi visualisering (CT) og utprøving for planlegging av lungeleger ved Levanger sykehus. Photo: SINTEF/St. Olavs hospital

The National Advisory Unit purpose within the field of Ultrasound and Image-Guided Therapy (USIGT) is to develop and raise the quality of ultrasound and image-guided treatment throughout the country, including ensuring that technology and clinical treatment are used so that the services provided are performed in a safe manner and lead to the best possible benefit for the patients. The Advisory Unit USIGT shall ensure and further develop competence in the highly specialized and high-tech field of ultrasound and image-guided treatment, through an interdisciplinary collaboration between clinicians and technologists. The competence center will further build up competence within new methods for ultrasound and image-guided treatment, and develop new methods for cost-effective, safe and efficient treatment. 

USIGT shall further ensure knowledge of how to evaluate the clinical effect of ultrasound and image-guided treatment. This competence dissemination plan has the following objectives: 

  • Spread expertise on the clinical benefits of ultrasound and image-guided therapy 
  • Spread competence in practical / clinical use of the methods and technologies 
  • Spread knowledge about the interpretation of ultrasound images 
  • Spread new methods within the field of USIGT
  • Spread clinical and technological expertise in ultrasound and image-guided treatment 

Increased competence and knowledge in ultrasound and image-guided treatment among Norwegian clinicians will give patients better and safer treatment. The advantages of ultrasound compared with the use of, for example, X-ray imaging during operations are well known. The competence service works actively to ensure that the benefits of ultrasound benefit both patients and clinicians in Norway.

Key Factors

Project duration

2011 - 2021


The Norwegian Directorate of Health via St. Olavs hospital

Cooperation partners

St. Olavs hospital and NTNU

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