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Prototype of speed boat with waterjet and drop keel

The project will document the technical and fishery-specific requirements for a new concept for coastal fishing vessels.

For continued required investment in active and viable environments along the coastal line, it is important that the fleet group of small vessels is renewed, both in terms of vessel design, facilities, equipment handling and catch care.

Many active coastal fishermen, who fish using passive gear such as longlines, nets and traps, have seen the potential for coastal vessels with greater cruising speed and top speed. The benefits is associated with both competitive considerations, recruitment to the fishery and the interests of coastal fishermen's own leisure time and social conditions.

Hemnes Mek. Verksted has been working a couple of years with the development of a new 36 foot speed boat in aluminum and has begun construction of a a hull. Because this is a vessel with a completely new technical solutions for a fishing boat when it comes to propulsion, maneuverability, stability and seaworthiness, it is necessary to conduct a follow-up with field measurements and shipping technical analysis, so that one can verify the new solution.

SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture has previously been somewhat involved in this new vessel project on behalf of Hemnes Mek. Workshop AS, with different professional counseling, hull design and some preliminary ship technical calculations.


To document the technical and fishery characteristics using the 2-motor system with jet and drop keel on the high-speed coastal fishing vessels.

Expected utility value

Documented results will primarily be of benefit to the smaller fleets that fish with passive gear. If the selected type of water jet and drop keel work, many fishermen may choose the same or similar type of solutions.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/05/2011 - 31/12/2011