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Plankton DEMO

Algal blooms are natural phenomena that are dependent on favourable environmental conditions. For the aquaculture industry it is important to have knowledge of the algal situation at any time in relation to risk assessment and risk reduction in daily operations.

The main factors that affect when and where blooms occur are stable bodies of water (layered), and that the algae have access to sufficient light and noutrients. Some algae are harmful to fish, either because they cause physical damage or that they are toxic, while other species produce toxins that accumulate in shellfish and thus constitute a risk in relation to food safety.

In this project we will get answers about whether the operational models can be used in algal bloom predictions by looking at whether it is possible to identify physical indicators that can alert you when and where algal blooms will occur. We will specifically look at the operational running of SINTEF coupled biological-physical model (SINMOD) as a tool to: 1) identifying risk situations (physics), and 2) preparing distribution forcast in risk situations (biology and physics).

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2011 - 31/12/2012