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BRIDGE: Bridging resources and agencies in large-scale emergency management

BRIDGE was a research project funded under the FP7-Security programme. BRIDGE contributed to the safety of citizens by developing technical and organisational solutions that significantly improve crisis and emergency management.

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MASTER - Common Operational Picture
MASTER - Common Operational Picture

The key of BRIDGE was interoperability, harmonization and cooperation among stakeholders on the technical and organisational level. BRIDGE followed a user centred agile approach - by extensively involving end users through an End-User Advisory Board - through iterations of a) Domain Analysis incorporating Ethical Legal and Social Aspects for ensuring the usefulness of the BRIDGE systems; b) systems’ requirements and development and c) Concept and prototypes Validation, Evaluation and Exploitation (ValEdation).

To the producers of emergency response systems, BRIDGE system offered a consolidated set of software services organized in three layers that facilitated the orchestration of systems, the communication between such systems, and the management of data produced by such systems during an incident’s life-cycle. 

The BRIDGE system supported the flexible assembly of emergency response systems into a ‘system of systems’ for agile emergency response. Such ‘systems’ include BRIDGE concept cases, but also independent systems such as healthcare or vehicle registration records, building or environmental sensors, CCTV camera systems. Each concept case represented an end-user application whose implementation is based on individual parts and services of the BRIDGE system, and therefore, each concept case represented an ‘instantiation’ of the BRIDGE system architecture and provides a specific perspective on the services offered by the BRIDGE system.

More information can be found on CORDIS. 

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2011 - 2015

14 partners

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