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The vision of SOCIETIES is to develop a complete, integrated Community Smart Space (CSS), which extends pervasive systems beyond the individual to dynamic communities of users.  CSSs will embrace on-line community services, such as Social Networking in order to offer new and powerful ways of working, communicating and socialising.

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The goal of SOCIETIES will be achieved through four key objectives:

  • To facilitate the creation, organisation, management and communication of communities via Cooperating Smart Spaces, where pervasive computing is integrated with social computing communities;
  • To provide an enhanced user experience for both individuals and entire user communities, based on proactive smart space behaviour and dynamic sharing of community resources across geographic boundaries;
  • To design and prototype a robust open and scalable system for self-orchestrating CSSs;
  • To evaluate, through strong involvement of end-users, the usefulness and acceptance of the developed CSS software via three user trials with the following groups:
    • Enterprise Users: Enterprise communities play an important role in bringing together people, goods and services within global markets, local ecosystems or large organisations. The CSS concept will bridge the gap between smart IT systems and established enterprise community activities.
    • Students: Students adapt easily to new technology, and since communication and social networking play an integral role in their lives, they are most likely to adopt CSSs, using them in ways both foreseen and unforeseen.
    • Disaster Relief Experts: The ability to rapidly form a disaster management community from all the closely located relief teams can help save lives, property, and the environment.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/10/2010 - 30/04/2014

Official project web pages here.