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Ripple effect analysis for fisheries and aquaculture

SINTEF has since 2003 conducted annual national ripple effect analyzes in the fisheries and aquaculture sector on behalf of various clients.

By specific adaptation of data which brings out the respective value chains for fishing / hunting and aquaculture, and the use of a custom input-output model of the Norwegian economy have been able to present the scope of individual industries and value chains in fisheries and aquaculture sector and the effects of the form of deliveries / supplies from the business community at large in the annual reports

In addition to the national analysis one has recently also developed analyzes on several levels: regional, for some counties and for individual companies.

The reports from these analysis projects have achieved a great interest in both the industry itself, the public administration and elsewhere. There are many who are waiting for results from year to year. With such a long unbroken time series which is now built up, it opens up more and more opportunities to make ripple effect analyzes of trends and developments over time.

To show the economic and employment importance of fisheries and aquaculture. Both the overall national importance of the industry and the importance of and between the central regions of Norway stated in the analyzes.

Expected utility value
An analysis of the industry's economic and employment impact is very interesting for both participants in the industry and above all local and regional authorities. The results will typically say something about fishery and aquaculture facilities in the various geographic regions, as well as distinguish between effects that are generated in its region and the ripple effects in other regions.

Projects undertaken in 2012:

1. The national importance of the fisheries and aquaculture-a value analysis with figures from 2010. (Funded by FHF)

2. Regional importance of fisheries and aquaculture - with an expanded vendor perspective. (Funded by FKD)

3. Analysis of the aquaculture industry in Møre og Romsdal. (Funded by county of Møre and Romsdal)

All projects will be completed in summer 2012.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2010 - 01/05/2011