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OF-Mod - Organic Facies Model

OF-Mod - Organic Facies Model

A new development phase for OF-Mod has now started. OF-Mod (Organic Facies Model) simulates the deposition and burial of organic carbon in the marine environment in 3D. The simulation results can be used to predict the spatial and temporal occurrence of source rocks.

At present, measured data are used only for calibration of the modelling results. The new development aims to use both measured data and geological understanding (in the form of general facies definitions) to characterise the depositional environment being modelled. Links between sedimentary and organic facies will be used to constrain the model. To enable a smooth transition between different facies and their properties, a fuzzy logic approach will be used.


The project currently has four sponsors and will run for three years.


Published 06 June 2013
Research Scientist
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Project duration

01/09/2010 - 31/08/2013