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North Sea Grids

Role of the North Sea power transmission in realizing the 2020 renewable energy targets. The project described and analyzed a plausible stadium 2020 situation for the role of the North Sea with respect to utilization of offshore wind resources and increased power exchenge for the realization of the 2020 renewable targets.

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Project overview      

The project comprised interdisciplinary tasks that would contribute to solve principal power transmission, market and regulatory challenges for a gradual development of offshore grids in the North Sea. 
A key point for the build-up of offshore power transmission was to avoid sub-optimal solutions consisting of only non-flexible point-to-point connections. A successful development of a North Sea offshore grid, which the project aimed to contribute to, led to better dispatch of hydro power, more MW of offshore wind and more efficient cross-border power exchange.

The KMB project work was managed and carried out by SINTEF Energy Research. There was a close coordination with project partners and related activities at SINTEF Energy Research,  and the project also draw on an extensive international network.

Presentations and results

"Designing offshore grid layouts and analysing their power market impact"; Magnus Korpås, Presented at North Sea Offshore Networks; Enabling Offshore Wind and Balancing Power. UK-Norway Forum and Roadmapping Workshop. June 6 - 8, 2011, London.
"Cost and benefits of offshore grids"; Magnus Korpås. Presented at EPE Joint Wind Energy and T&D Chapters Seminar. May 9 - 11, 2011, Trondheim, Norway.

Partners and funding

The project was funded by the Norwegian Research Council and partners from industry and public.
The project activities was carried out at SINTEF Energy Research.
Duration 2010 - 2012.




Key Factors

Project duration

2010 - 2012

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