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Automatic removal of the black membrane in cod and salted fish for klippfish.

The project's goal is to develop effective technology for automatic removal of the black membrane in cod to salted fish and klippfish. This will help to reduce the physical workload of the operator that removes the black membrane manually.

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There is a desire in the salt fish and klippfish industry to automate the strenuous and repetitive one-sided operations. This is to reduce the repetitive strain for operators and increase profitability through more efficient production.

Under the direction of former Bacalaforum (now Panel klippfish / salt fish) was initiated a pilot project to characterize the black membrane of Pacific cod and Atlantic cod (FHF-900325).

In the pilot project cold freezing surface was identified as the most promising method to remove the black membrane in cod. Based on what was done in the pilot project is a desire to continue the project in Phase 2 to develop a concept for automatic removal as a basis for effective development and realization of the idea in Phase 3

Expected utility value

Contribute to reducing the physical workload for operators who manually remove black membrane and also improve the profitability of the industry by reducing processing costs per unit produced.

Although it is difficult to document stress injuries related to manual removal of the black membrane, it is expected a reduction of this type of injury to operators who do not have to perform the one-sided and heavy work operation that manual removal of black membrane entails.

Key Factors

Project duration

15/09/2010 - 15/12/2011