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NANOMOF – Nanoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks for production

The discovery of porous hybrid materials constructed from inorganic nodes and organic multifunctional linkers has established a new area of inorganic-organic hybrids (Metal-Organic Frameworks, MOFs) with extraordinary performance as compared to traditional porous solids such as zeolites and activated carbon. NanoMOF will focus beyond discovery and integrate MOFs into products with industrial impact within a strong cooperation of established MOF research institutions and industrial end users.

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The extraordinary properties of MOFs are expected to lead to a significant ecologic and economic impact in three areas:

  • Clean air, pollution, and toxicity risks of gaseous chemicals are environmental concerns with specific materials needs for selective adsorption in porous materials and advanced filter systems. Industrial feed gases and exhaust gases require a high purity to ensure durable processes and avoid pollution. The integration of MOFs into textile products will be used to develop air permeable personal protective clothing. For industrial and house-hold fuel cell reformer units novel MOF-based sulphur removal systems will be developed.
  • Safe delivery of highly toxic electronic grade gases (etching gases, dopants) is crucial for tool operation in semiconductor and solar industry.
  • Catalysis is an ecologically relevant and economically attractive technology.

The replacement of liquid acids by solid state catalysts avoids the production of toxic liquid waste. MOF catalysts for (trans)esterification processes are designed for the conversion of fatty acids and triglycerides into valuable products for the oleochemical industry. The integration of MOFs into industrial relevant processes and products is supported by advanced modelling, simulation and process monitoring techniques. The project aims for a higher integration of MOFs into products with a high added value in order to propel Europe into an internationally leading position in the industrial use of MOFs.

Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

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01/06/2009 - 31/05/2013

Further information:
CORDIS, Project Reference: 228604