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HyPilot – Survey and recommendations on research infrastructure needs for hydrogen technologies

The goal of the HyPilot project was to investigate the need for new research infrastructure (RI) and evaluate concepts for access to and organization of national pilot test infrastructures for hydrogen technologies based on a thorough gap analysis. The initiators of this project were the two largest R&D institutions in the field, NTNU and SINTEF, but all major national stakeholders, both from academia and industry have been involved and have provided input.

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The findings of the work, given in this report, point to a clear need among the stakeholders for access to hydrogen research infrastructure and pilot test facilities, both in terms of increased access to existing infrastructure and for new facilities . Due to limitations in the national demand for testing services and the available funding schemes a national hydrogen test center may not be realizable. However it is foreseen that regional, specialized test centers can be established as a part of a virtual infrastructure network, preferably linked to the major R&D institutions. A national research infrastructure network is a feasible outcome, for better utilization of existing infrastructures and promotion of new collaborations. Due to the limited volume of hydrogen activities in Norway, cooperation across the borders, i.e. towards the Nordic/EU countries is essential and should be promoted and supported by the Research Council of Norway.

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01/12/2009 - 31/12/2011

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