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EU FP7: ADABTS (Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behaviour and Threats in Crowded Spaces)

The four year €3.5m project, called ADABTS or Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behaviour and Threats in crowded Spaces, was launched in August 2009, and is jointly funded by the European Commission and the partners involved who form an international consortium consisting of FOI (SE), BAE Systems (UK), Detec (NO), Home Office - Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) (UK), Institute of Psychology – Ministry of the Interior (BG), SINTEF (NO), University of Amsterdam (NL) and TNO (NL).

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The project culminated in a final demonstration of a modular networked system at Kyocera Stadium at ADO Den Haag football club in the Netherlands on June 25th 2013. It was a highly successful demonstration with great attendance from a great diversity of actors taking an interest in the results.

ADABTS successfully demonstrated that the situational awareness of a human operator can be improved by extending the video analysis across 3D space (multiple views/cameras), using tracking and multiple types of sensors (both video and audio).


Compared to state-of-the-art, the project demonstrated great novelty with;

  • implementation of algorithms using Graphical Processor Units (GPU), delivering unprecedented and real-time throughput on low and medium level video analysis algorithms
    • motion detection, shadow correction
    • volume carving
    • optical flow
    • camera synchronization
    • object tracking
    • head/face detection
    • privacy enhancing measures, such as selective blurring of persons in the scene
  • Multi camera video analysis with real-time automatic synchronization
    • 3D reconstruction of the objects in the scene
    • Multi-person tracking
    • Body orientation estimation
    • Automatic unsupervised track data analysis by building a hierarchical clustering of all observed tracklets.
    • Sound source localization and classification and assignment of 3D tracks to “loud”
  • Single camera interpretation of motion patterns for aggression detection
  • Automatic PTZ steering using classified sound source location.


Industrial partners BAE Systems and Detec have already concrete commercialization plans in place, where a number of these functionalities can be implemented in a wide variety of applications.


Key Factors

Project duration

09/01/2009 - 09/01/2013