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Objective measurements of colour in salmon

The over all visual impression and the colour are important parameters for the consumer when buying fish. Different markets have different requirements to the salmon’s redness. SINTEF ICT and Matforsk have together with QVision developed a scanner that classifies the colour of fish fillets based on the same criteria a human observer uses.

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We have used more channels from the visible spectrum than the standard red, green and blue, for the colour classification. By extracting the right information from the channels, the machine measure the colour in the same way as human perceives colour. The colours are graded from light pink to dark red based on a standard developed by the fish industry (SalmoFan™).

The machine classifies the whole fillet fast and robust. This gives the industry new possibilities in using the colour consistency for cutting the fillet or downgrading the fillet.

The measurements show that the colours in pre-rigor fillets are more towards yellow than the SalmoFan™ is.


QMonitor is an online instrument for quality measurement in the food industry. The measurements are based on near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. The instrument is placed on top of an
existing production line [Image: Qvision AS.)

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Project duration

01/01/2008 - 01/12/2008