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Municipal Psychiatric Health Work

Mental health care in the municipalities include prevention, diagnosis and function, early intervention and treatment in general, rehabilitation, follow-up, psychosocial support and counseling and referral to specialist services. The possessing overview of the mental health of the population of the municipality, and of the need for programs and services, are also part of mental health.

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Mental health work carried out in the health and social services and other sectors in the community. To achieve a good offer to users it is important that municipalities have expertise on mental health.

Mental health is both a field of knowledge and practice fields. It also includes work at the system level as prevention, educational and other work to combat stigma and discrimination (Prop. 1 S (2010-2011), Health and Care, p 201).

SINTEF is responsible for quality assurance, compile and analyse information regarding resource allocation in mental health care as municipal annual reports to the Health Directorate.

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