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DECARBIT – Enabling advanced pre-combustion capture techniques and plants

DECARBit responds to the urgent need for further research and development in advanced pre-combustion capture techniques to substantially reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel power plants. The project will accelerate the technology development and contribute to the deployment of large scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) plants in line with the adopted European policies for emission reductions. DECARBit- short for 'Decarbonise it', is established by 16 legal entities constituting the core group of the project.

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These encompass 5 leading industrial technology providers, 2 technology end-users (1 utility and 1 oil&gas company) and 9 highly ranked RTD providers representing in totality 8 countries. The project focus is to pursue the search for improved and new pre-combustion technologies that can meet the cost target of 15Euro/ton CO2 captured as stated in the Work Programme. DECARBit is designed as a Collaborative Large-scale Integrating Project.

The RTD activities are structured in 5 sub-projects directly responding to the objectives of the Work Programme:

  • SP1 System integration and optimization
  • SP2 Advanced pre-combustion CO2 separation
  • SP3 Advanced oxygen separation technologies
  • SP4 Enabling technologies for pre-combustion
  • SP5 Pre-combustion pilots

The project activities comprise theoretical and experimental investigations leading to extended pilot testing.

Key expected impacts of DECARBit, all complying with the Work Programme are:

  • Cost reduced pre-combustion capture of CO2 promoting the development and deployment of large-scale CCS plants (10-12 by 2020). Further industrial uptake is strengthened through an Industrial Contact Group established within the project framework
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of the European industry and economy by maintaining and reinforcing the leading position in CCS technologies, also exploring the potential impacts for other energy intensive industries.

Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

Hosting organisation: SINTEF ENERGI AS
For further information, see the project web page

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2008 - 30/06/2012

Further information:
CORDIS, Project Reference: 211971

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