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CESAR – enhanced separation and recovery

CESAR aims for a breakthrough in the development of low-cost post-combustion CO2 capture technology to provide economically feasible solutions for both new power plants and retrofit of existing power plants which are responsible for the majority of all anthropogenic CO2 emissions (worldwide, approx. 5,000 power plants emit around 11 GtCO2/year). CESAR focuses on post-combustion as it is the only feasible technology for retrofit and current power plant technology.

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Moreover, analysis of the current R&D in Europe shows that there is yet no follow-up to the post-combustion work in the CASTOR project while R&D aimed at other types of carbon capture technologies have been accommodated for. The primary objective is to decrease the cost of capture down to 15 /tCO2. CESAR aims at breakthroughs via a combination of fundamental research on Advanced Separation Processes (WP1), Capture process modelling and integration (WP2) and Solvent process validation studies (WP3) with duration tests in the Esbjerg pilot plant. CESAR will build further on the successes and high potential ideas from the FP6 integrated project CASTOR. Moreover, the pilot built in this project will be used for CESAR.

Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

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01/02/2008 - 31/05/2011

Further information:
CORDIS, project Reference: 213569

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