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FeVind – thinner cast components for windmills of the future

The FeVIND project shall develop new knowledge built into new simulation tools and sub-routines, which will contribute to a more intelligent design and a reduction of todays oversized cast iron wind turbine components, new/improved materials and a more effective production in terms of lower wreckage and less post treatment.

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Wind energy is world wide a rapid growing segment within the energy sector and the most important challenges for the wind turbine manufacturers are linked to the development of larger and more effective wind turbines. Cast iron is today used in central parts of a wind turbine construction, one example being the enormous hub that can be as heavy as 25 ton.

The specifications and requirements applied for the cast iron components are among the most stringent used within the iron foundry branch. For this reason there are just a few iron foundries world wide that are able to cast the required high quality cast iron components.

Focus is on foundry technology and fatigue design, with the overall goal to strengthen the participants international competitive power.

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Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2007 - 31/12/2010