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FCTEDI – Fuel Cell TEsting and DIssemination

The FCTEDI project is exclusively concerned with the dissemination of results in fuel cell testing, quality assurance and safety of fuel cells especially efforts on harmonization, benchmarking and validation of a collection of test protocols, testing procedures and measurement methodologies to facilitate standardization in the field and to analyse meta-gaps in this area. FCTEDI is the natural successor to the FCTESTNET thematic network and the FCTESQA STREP, which has recently become an IPHE recognized project.

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These two previous projects have respectively first defined and then validated harmonized testing procedures for fuel cells in order to overcome barriers towards fuel cell deployment. FCTEDI will disseminate results to the established IPHE framework and to international organizations such as the IEA, ISO and IEC. Furthermore, it will perform a "Meta-Gap" analysis for Regulations Codes and Standards for stationary fuel cells. The goal of this analysis is to identify the gaps in RC & S that are beyond the scope of the currently existing gap-analyses, and it will complement to these activities. This study will be performed with the participation of the IPHE community.

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01/01/2007 - 31/12/2009