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FA 2.2 High tensile strength concrete

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  • The general objective was to do R&D work which stimulates and makes use of fibres possible in load carrying concrete structures.
  • Development and verification of ductile high tensile strength concrete with target tensile strength: 15MPa.
Project manager and  
disciplinary responsible:          Terje Kanstad
PhD: Sindre Sandbakk, Giedrius Zirgulis and Elena Vidal Sarmiento
International advisor: Professor Steffen Grünewald, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

The project included the following activities:

  • Materials development, fiber type investigations and performance of fibre reinforced concrete structures
  • Guidelines for design and execution: Verification and follow up of the design methods
  • Field and full scale laboratory testing

COIN aimed to design a concrete structure without traditional reinforcement. Fibre amount, distribution and bonding to the matrix must be controlled to reach this goal. Efforts was also made into development of test methods for verification of fibre distribution and concrete performance.

Main topics

Guidelines for design and execution

One of the objectives was to do R&D work which stimulates and makes use of fibres possible in load carrying concrete structures, and a guide to design such structures were developed.

Materials development - ductile fibre reinforced concrete

Another objective was further development of an ordinary concrete with high residual tensile strength, exemplified with target of 15MPa. The good agreement which is achieved between flow simulations, Computer tomography (CT) scans, image analyses of sawn sections and mechanical testing clearly indicates that further research with these processes will lead to improved practice with safer and more economical use of fibres in  general. The work shows that optimised proportioning and fibre types has allowed quite high amounts of fibres and still satisfactory workability.